Show The Lakes some love


On Saturday 5th December, “Storm Desmond” arrived in Cumbria and the surrounding areas. For a full 24 hours the Lake District and Cumbria bore the brunt of the storms, battered by over 14 inches of rain and devastating winds.  As a result, over 5,000 homes were flooded - 40,000 homes were left without power – hotels were forced to close and many businesses were wiped out overnight – roads and bridges have also been  swept away once again.

This is a tragedy for the people and communities of Cumbria - anyone who would like to give some love to flood victims can do so via Cumbria Community Foundation who have set up an emergency flood appeal. You can give to this by going to

The storms have also been a tragedy for the landscapes of Cumbria that we all enjoy. It will be some time before a true picture of the damage emerges, but some vital roads are severly damaged or blocked - rights of way and bridges have become unpassable -fragile dry stone walls have been washed away or knocked down by flood water - while many old trees also been uprooted and swept away.

Over the next few weeks Freinds of The Lake District will be assessing the damage to the land they own in the area, as well as working with the National Park Authorities, local and county councils, farmers’ groups and local communities to begin the restoration of this beautiful county piece by piece. They have set up a Lake District Landscape Flood Appeal for those who want to contribute to fixing Cumbria’s landscapes.  If you would like to give to this please visit

If you would also like to offer some practical help there are many urgent tasks that need to be carried out and The
Lake District National Park along with the National Trust are co-ordinating volunteers to help with the clear up operation.  To get involved contact or 

As I write this, its still pouring down and snow is now becoming a problem in higher regionsgood grief !!

But please remember that the sun shines brightest after a storm - the best way to support the area, its people and businesses is to come and spend both your holiday time and money in this most special of places very soon.